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Citation Builders

An important aspect of avoiding plaigarism is having correct citations.  There are several places online that will help you get started with this.  Check out the info below.


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Write Right!

Citations Building Resources
Cite your sources.

You should take notes as you read and keep track of what information you get from each resource. That will help you later when you build your reference page. The citation maker links below can be very helpful but don't assume that they are always correct.  You should double-check them to make sure they include all of the information required for an accurate citation.   Destiny Discover will also create a citation of books in the library collection. 

The most common styles that will be used in high school are MLA or APA.  Your teacher will tell you what his or her requirements are for the assignment.  Below are links to the online sites of both styles.  You can find kinds of information about every aspect of the writing process for academic projects.  The library also has books on both styles available for check out.

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The two citation makers below have a simple-to-use functionality; they are basically fill in the blank similar to a mad lib.  They are easy to use and require not login for access.

The links below are for other online citation builders.  Some allow you to create an account to provide you with a few additional functions.  However, because you have several options online, it isn't recommended that you sign up for anything that requires a fee.

Lastly, the Destiny Discover Library Catalog can help you with building citations for your research, as well.  Just be sure to check the citation it makes that it is accurate.  Technology is very helpful, but it isn't perfect because the people who program it aren't perfect.  Below is a video showing you how to find the citations in the catalog (coming soon).  

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